Do You Need a Second Photographer? – Whitney + Devon

If you ever see the term “second photographer or shooter” written down and think “what the f$#k is that?”, you’re not alone! A lot of people get confused as to what a second photographer is, and if they need one or not for their wedding. I’m here to clear that up for you AND share […]

Do You Need a Wedding Party? – Sara + Barrett

So you’re engaged and starting to work out the details of what you want your wedding to look like? I’ve got you! Most people find wedding planning pretty stressful at times, so I want to share my knowledge of the industry with you to help ease some of that worry! Today we are talking about […]

Selecting the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams – Kelsey + Chris

You’ve picked a date and it’s time to get ready to rock your wedding dreams, but where the hell do you start? Wedding planning is a big task, but the one task you should start with is always your venue! Your venue will dictate 98% of your wedding plans.  Below you’ll hear all about Kelsey […]

Everything That Styled Shoots Have Taught Me About Weddings – Le Peaches and Cream

I’ve been a photographer for over a decade, and I’ve been lucky enough to have many experiences that taught me about photographing weddings! Styled shoots are such a valuable experience. These shoots are elaborate photoshoots where vendors come together to create content to market themselves. Each vendor contributes their craft to the shoot, whether cake […]