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Sophie Fortier

⁠Your wedding day is the start of a marriage. 
⁠⁠Your story is what is most important and I promise to showcase it in your images.⁠

About Me


My little free time is spent reading fantasy romances, driving down country roads with loud music, marathons (the Netflix kind) and doing my nails.

Caffeine keeps me going, but since travelling to Italy, their cappuccinos have ruined Starbucks for me. I love a stiff tequila cocktail, and my go-to is a margarita on the rocks.

On weekends, I like hanging out by a bonfire with friends and fishing on a lake by the cottage with unlimited conversation.

I have a thirst for adventure

Travel is something I have always been passionate about. It’s the reason I got a job at 15.⁠ I had the opportunity to join my high school Europe trip, but the deal was that I had to pay for it myself. So I did.

I visited seven countries and countless cities before I was 18. My list currently sits at 21 countries, and I cannot wait to add more.

My favourite things to do include finding the perfect coffee shop, soaking in the local culture, and scoping out the best cocktail spot. I collect art everywhere I go, and chatting with the artists is something I am passionate about. I live for museum visits, park strolls and boat tours.

I will do anything to get the shot and book most of my stays based solely on the views they provide.⁠

2024 Destinations:

Cuba 🇨🇺 • Mexico 🇲🇽 • Ireland 🇮🇪 • Poland 🇵🇱 • Las Vegas 🇺🇸