Why You Need a Branding Photoshoot

So, you have no idea what a branding photo shoot even is. Let’s start there! Let me explain… A branding photographer works with you to curate content for your personal brand. Whether you’re a local shop owner, creative, or online entrepreneur, your personal brand will help you…⁠ Establish a connection with your customers⁠ Stand OUT […]

How to Put Yourself Out There

What does “putting yourself out there” even mean and why is it so damn hard? Well, when it comes to creating a brand, putting yourself out there is a big one. You need to give your customers and clients a reason to trust you and that’s hard to do when you don’t talk about yourself […]

How To Be Your Own Social Media Manager

One of the many hats you likely have to wear as an entrepreneur is a Social Media Manager; we’re no strangers to learning all kinds of roles to keep our businesses going. The Social Media manager role can seem daunting and time consuming, which often leads to putting social media on the back burner.  But […]

5 Types of Images that Attract Your Ideal Client

When it comes to attracting clients, there are certain images that are going to draw them in and start a relationship before you even meet them. Planning out the kind of images you want to use with a clear strategy will go a long way to make your brand as defined and obvious as possible. […]