How to Find you Ideal Client

Ideal clients Ottawa

Your Ideal Client What is an ideal client? An ideal client is a person who you would LOVE working with over and over. They are the epitome of the reason you started this business. You want to serve them as thoroughly as possible and give them all of your attention. An ideal client is a […]

Get the Most Out of Your Branding Photoshoot

Let’s Talk Dirty… Figure out the WHY of your Branding Photoshoot. Your photographer needs to know where you’re using the images and what you’re using them for. They will be able to shoot with more intention and get you all the images you need. Find out where you want to use the images, and why […]

Red Apple Coaching – Branding Session

I’ve noticed a pattern in all the most successful business owners I know. They all go out of their way to live their lives in a positive manner. ⁠They tend to have more gratitude than the average and often make the most out of bad situations. ⁠ Being your own boss can certainly have its […]