When Life Happens – Strathmere Wedding

Even with the most detailed and well-executed planning, life will always happen and sometimes emergencies come up. Sometimes an important member of the wedding party can’t make it for whatever reason, and sometimes one of your vendors has a family emergency. So what the hell do you do when life happens? The original photographer for this […]

A Cambridge Getaway – Destination Wedding – Randy + Erin

Have you been thinking about a destination wedding? If so, this may be the blog for you! Planning a destination wedding always comes with some extra work, but as you’ll see from this gallery, it’s totally worth it.  If you’re the kind of couple that isn’t afraid of planning and loves a good adventure, this […]

The Power of Community on Your Wedding Day – Jomi + Emily

Most weddings have guests, and you can always feel the love between the guests and the happy couple. This wedding really put an emphasis on community in such a beautiful way, that it deserves its own spotlight.  Your wedding is about you and your tribe, whatever that looks like. Maybe you want only a handful […]

Planning a Romantic Backyard Wedding – Brianna + Corey

When I tell you that I have a soft spot for backyard weddings, I really mean it! Brianna and Corey checked all the boxes for making a beautiful backyard wedding, so I want to share some of my best tips for making yours something special too! We also have to take a moment to marvel […]

Top Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

As any small business owner can tell you, there is never enough time to get everything done.  Like, ever.  Thankfully, you can organize your time a whole lot more efficiently, giving you a better shot at mostly getting everything done.  Mostly.  Here are some tips for managing your time better No matter what you actually […]

Century Weddings – Maddy + Shane

Dream rpoposal Maddy and Shane started their relationship by doing long distance. They managed to pull it off for a year, although there was no shortage of struggles.  Later on, Maddy decided to make a move to Embrun and live with Shane. It was no easy decision. Leaving her family was hard, but she knew […]

Copywriter: how to convert your ideal clients!

Being a copywriter that not only resonates with your ideal client but showcases your true self is really hard. You can have the best of intentions, but when you sit down to get the work done, it falls flat and feels sales-y.  Most of the time, you people fall into one of four copywriting patterns: […]

What you Need in your Emergency Wedding Kit

Everything you Should Pack in a Wedding Emergency Bag Something a lot of couples forget to do is pack a wedding emergency kit. You never know what’s going to happen, or who might be able to use something from the kit on your wedding day. My recommendation is to give this kit to someone at […]

Ottawa Micro Wedding – Lori + Grant

What is a Micro Wedding? The lines between elopement, micro wedding and intimate wedding are often blurred. It’s important to note and a Micro Wedding is a celebration with between 10-50 guests.  These  unique and intimate gatherings are becoming more popular. As a result, my love for them has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I […]

CADA DIA Tequila – sip, savour, celebrate! Ottawa Branding Photographer

Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer

sip. savour. celebrate. Cada Dia Tequila- the story Sandeep and Riti started Cada Dia Tequila with one goal in mind: to embrace the good in each and every day. With their busy lives as working parents, balance is definitely something they strive for. Their rich and smooth tequila is the perfect reflection of that. “Cada […]