Why You Should Consider A First Look

Create Intimate Memories With First Look Photos Before You Walk Down The Aisle

A First Look is an up and coming trend for good reason. With all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, it’s normal to feel anxious. Catching that first glimpse of your love in their wedding day finest can be an emotional moment. Everything starts to be very real. You are definitely not alone in feeling the pressure! A First Look gives you both some time to savour the moment alone. 

Set Up A Sneak Peek 

Your First Look can happen anywhere you like. It can be a face-to-face greeting or an intimate around the corner touch. The options are endless and it’s all about you. Usually, we will arrange for it to happen sometime before the ceremony. You only need to set aside 15 to 20 minutes, so it is easily scheduled into your wedding timeline. 

What Can A First Look Photo Look Like?

Here are two couples who chose two very different First Look moments. They resulted in different images. Each is unique to the couple and both are intimate and stunning!

Marlee and Forrest chose to have a First Look that didn’t include actually seeing each other. It gave them a chance to calm their nerves and really focus on what lay ahead; a lifelong partnership with the one they love. A break for 15 minutes before the wedding gave them beautiful, intimate images of their day.

Kristina and Moose chose for their First Look to happen as Kristina walked down the aisle. This resulted in a beautiful, honest reaction from the groom. The realization of what they were doing hit him. It was magic! For those extroverts, this reaction is beautifully romantic. Crying grooms are honestly one of the best parts of my job!

Create An Intimate Memory On Your Special Day

If you are feeling anxious about having all eyes on you when you get that first glance at your love, First Look photos are a beautiful solution. Sharing those moments privately ahead of time can make you feel so much more at ease during the ceremony. Not only do you have a chance to create intimate memories, your First Look allow us to get some truly beautiful images.

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