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What’s in my Styling Kit?

Wedding Details - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

There are so many small decisions you take that culminate in your wedding day and I believe it is SO WORTH taking the time to capture the little details to better reflect the entire story. Wedding details make up a big part of who you are and how your day unfolded, so I’m going to give you a look into what my styling kit includes to be able to do just that. 

Styling Kit - What is that?

A styling kit is a set of tools and props to help enhance your wedding details. 

My styling kit is quite extensive, but I won’t bring the whole thing with me. By the time your wedding  comes along, we’ll have chatted enough for me to know what your day is going to look like, your preferences and your wedding details; like the colour scheme, your outfits, any floral arrangements, and the general feel for the day. 

Things I Always Include

  • 1-2 backdrops – to eliminate distractions or having to worry about the floors/surfaces in the space.
  • Ring boxes to make your jewelry pop.
  • Ribbons in different colours and textures.
  • Small accessories like small scissors, wax seals, or vintage spoons.
  • Texturized flat pieces – like plates and trays to add dimension to the image.
  • Floral frogs – to help your loose florals stay upright.
  • Acrylic blocks – to place underneath your invitation suite and add dimension.
  • Sticky tack – to make sure certain items don’t move. 
  • Command hook – to be able to put your outfit wherever I want without having to rely on a window ledge.

Why I use a styling Kit

I take pride in taking the time to capture your details properly. I could just take a quick image or your perfume, and you’d get the idea. 

BUT, I want to incorporate more, I want to make you feel something. I want to accentuate the bottle with your pearls, have a vintage tray underneath it to give it an element of elegance. Your veil as the background not only gives texture and depth, but makes your story unique. 

No two couple is the same so the wedding details from each need to reflect that. Your wedding details shouldn’t look generic, they should be catered to you and your day.

My styling kit just makes things look a little more refined and gives me more creative freedom to have your images look the way you want them to.


About me

I am a margarita-loving photographer based out of Canada’s capital. I have an obsession for adventure and an appreciation for the small things in life. I’m known for my love of strong margaritas, big curly hair, and notorious sailor’s mouth.⁠