The Power of Community on Your Wedding Day – Jomi + Emily

Most weddings have guests, and you can always feel the love between the guests and the happy couple. This wedding really put an emphasis on community in such a beautiful way, that it deserves its own spotlight. 


Your wedding is about you and your tribe, whatever that looks like. Maybe you want only a handful of people present in an intimate setting, or you’d rather a venue full of all your favorite humans. Either way, this day is yours.

It Began with Community

For Jomi and Emily, their love story begins right within their community. Emily met Jomi at church because of her sister. While Emily may have resisted for a while, eventually she said yes to being set up with the cute guy that her sister raved about. Little did she know, he would be the love of her life.


She trusted her sister (with some pushing) and it led to something so genuine and beautiful that I can’t even deal with how sweet these two are. Even as a vendor, I felt like one of the family. Jomi and Emily’s families were the most welcoming people ever, and made sure that I felt at home while shooting their wedding. 


The whole day was very relaxed and peaceful. You could instantly tell how excited they were to start this next chapter of their life together.

Their Next Adventure

After some consideration and long talks, Jomi and Emily decided it was time to head back to their roots. Just after the wedding, the couple was moving to a small town near Halifax where Emily’s family is from. You may think that means they had to find a new sense of that incredible community they had here in Ottawa, but you’d be wrong!


Their congregation leader of their new church videoed into the wedding reception to welcome them and their family into the community (cue the tears, cause I had some). This was one of the most beautiful displays of love and community that I’ve witnessed. You could really feel the love from each person in that room, even the ones on the webcam. 

Your Wedding - Your People

Emily and Jomi’s story is such a perfect example of how a wedding can be so much more than just a ceremony. Their wedding was a true celebration of them and all of their people came to show them love. You could really see the strong family bonds and deep connections to their friends. Each and every person who attended was so important to them. 


It doesn’t matter how many people are at your wedding. It could be none, two, ten, a hundred, five hundred, it really doesn’t matter. What matters most is what each of those people mean to you. 


Choose the people you can’t live without. The ones who you call after a bad day, or when you want to share some good news. Those are your people!


Emily and Jomi: If you’re reading this, thank you so much for having me. Your wedding was incredibly beautiful to witness and I hope you’re doing well with the big move! You’ve got an entire village behind you so I have no doubt that you’re in great hands.

Associate shot for: Stacey Kenopic Photography | Venue: Temples Sugarbush | Videography: Union Eleven | Dress: Katrina Tuttle Bridal | Suit: Moores | Florals: 4th Line Florals


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