Red Apple Coaching – Branding Session

I’ve noticed a pattern in all the most successful business owners I know. They all go out of their way to live their lives in a positive manner. ⁠They tend to have more gratitude than the average and often make the most out of bad situations. ⁠

Being your own boss can certainly have its perks. It means you can appoint your own employee of the month, every month. ⁠ If you’re anything like Mary Anne, that employee might just be your sweet rescue dog. ⁠ Hey, when you can work from home, it means you can have an office pet, and really who could resist that little face!?⁠

Your story is powerful. The reasons why you run this thing are unique. Everyone has one and people want to hear yours. ⁠ When you use your story to give life to your brand, it becomes something others can relate to. It becomes something people feel they can be a part of. ⁠ So, what’s your story?⁠


About me

I am a margarita-loving photographer based out of Canada’s capital. I have an obsession for adventure and an appreciation for the small things in life. I’m known for my love of strong margaritas, big curly hair, and notorious sailor’s mouth.⁠