Laani Life

Who else out there has curls? ⁠I resented them for a long time. I straightened them every day in high school and neglected them in college. Now, I my curls are my crown – one of the defining feature people know me for. ⁠I take very good care of them and I am forever grateful that Laani Life is local. It means I can get cute, affordable scrunchies and support a boss babe in Ottawa. Roxana has hair that is so similar to mine, I wanted to hug her when we first met. ⁠She gets the struggle! ⁠

Where are my curly girls at – can you relate?⁠

I had the pleasure of working with Roxana to get some lifestyle product shots of her beautiful scrunchies. When I asked what Laani Life means, she told me that Laani is a Swahilian word for Luxury. I could not have picked a better name for her business! Her scrunchies are such nice soft, luxurious fabrics and I could not be more in love with them. ⁠

Living the Laani Life and loving it! ⁠

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