Emma + Jason – Engagement

You’ve likely heard me talk about this woman. She’s the one who convinced me to cut my hair after FOUR years and get highlights for the first time. Emma is the only person I trust with my curls and I was so excited to be the person to take her engagement images!

Emma is an ambitious, bubbly, kind person who always goes above and beyond for each and every client. She’s the kind of person I love to have associated with my brand and is forever my top recommendation to my brides.

Together, Emma and Jason are a whirlwind of sarcastic jokes, loud laughter and small, sweet moments that only come from people who truly love each other. The day of their shoot, Emma even went out of her way to iron her dress with a hair straightener – talk about stylist hacks! They put their trust in me and followed me without complain as we traipsed around Pink Lake and ignored the other visitors as we all laughed way too hard!

Fun fact: their second date was actually at Gatineau Park so this was a beautiful way for them to announce their engagement. They spent that night 4 years ago, watching an eclipse at Champlain Lookout. They stayed out until 4am chatting, watching the stars and slowly, thoroughly falling in love.

I cannot wait to see that the future brings for this girl, not to mention her wedding!


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I am a margarita-loving photographer based out of Canada’s capital. I have an obsession for adventure and an appreciation for the small things in life. I’m known for my love of strong margaritas, big curly hair, and notorious sailor’s mouth.⁠