Muskoka Wedding 2.0 – Allison + Scott

If you’ve been planning a wedding for longer than five minutes, you’ve probably already heard unsolicited advice from someone! I do not doubt that after planning TWO Muskoka weddings, Allison and Scott had their own set of problems to deal with. 

Weddings ALWAYS bring out people’s opinions, and everyone is quick to add their input on how couples should plan their weddings. I’ve heard from many couples that this creates a lot of pressure and stress. When you listen to opinions from all over, it starts to feel like you have to please everyone and make your wedding what other people want. Well, I say, f*ck that!

It’s YOUR wedding!

I know that you know this, but let me repeat it. It. Is. Your. Wedding.

This is your permission slip to make it whatever you want! You owe nothing to anyone; this day is about you and your unique love story! Take the helpful advice, and let the rest of it roll off your back. Make this day whatever YOU want it to be!

I love seeing couples shamelessly include the things they love in their wedding. If it’s essential to both of you, throw it in the mix! I’m here to introduce you to a couple who loves Disney!

Allison + Scott Tie the Knot - their muskoka wedding

Allison and Scott are huge Disney fans, in fact, their original plan for their wedding was to have it at Disney! COVID had other ideas for them, and they had an intimate vow exchange with 5 of their family members at their first Muskoka wedding. Once restrictions had started to lift, it was time for them to plan their bigger celebration.

In the time between events, her parents had the cottage completely re-done to turn it into their full-time home! This new space gave Allison + Scott the perfect space to welcome 5guests to their second wedding.

While friends and family started to arrive, Allison + Scott shared the first look, and Scott almost lost it when he saw his beautiful bride in her refurbished dress. Their ceremony was full of Disney references that made everyone laugh and cry. They are the perfect example of how to customize your wedding, and their Muskoka wedding was amazing and unique.

Don’t be afraid to make it special!

Allison + Scott started the dance floor off with a bang by performing a choreographed and well-practiced first dance, the crowd had tears in their eyes (and so did I). The real surprise came when it was time for the parent dances. Music started playing and Scott’s mom was nervous. She confessed that she didn’t know the song that was playing and she couldn’t dance. A few moments passed and she finally “I Can Show You The World” from Aladdin. His mom instantly started crying into Scott’s shoulder. It turns out that they shared a moment together at Disneyworld when he was just a young boy, and this song was playing when it happened. Now, if anyone wasn’t crying from the first dance, I promise you they were all crying at that point. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

They used their love of Disney to show off who they are as a couple, but also who they are as a family, and I’m still not over it. This was one of the most beautiful ways I’ve seen a couple include their hobbies/fandoms on their big day!

Photography: SFP Photography | Second Photographer: Cori – SFP Photography | Florals: Floral Designs by Allison | Dress: Sinders Bridalhouse | Alterations: Rose’s Custom Sewing | Hair + Makeup : Jordan Ashley MUA | Deserts : Comfort Bakeshop | Suit : Indochino


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