I am a Hot Mess

You might think I’m a hot mess but let me tell you a secret… I’m really a frizzy haired, live out loud unicorn!

You know the woman who struts into the Market on York Street? The one with heels, purse swinging from her elbow, makeup perfectly applied with a fresh blowout? We’ve all seen her. She’s confident and acts like Ottawa’s humidity doesn’t affect her. She’s kind of a unicorn, right?⁠

Have you heard the expression “hot mess”?

Shout out to all the strutting, together unicorns out there. I am all about it but…my reality looks a little different. I’m the walking definition of a hot mess!

“When one’s thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.”

The Urban Dictionary

When I bust out into the Market, I’m likely lugging gear bags. Chances are those bags are half open because I was too excited (or in too much of a rush) to actually close them. I may or may not have a toothpaste stain  or deodorant on my shirt because I applied it too fast. I’m rocking a messy bun with curls spilling out of it. The humidity is making it frizzier by the second. I’m sweating, my mascara is at least slightly smudged. I’m the one directing a couple who’s laughing a little too hard at a bad joke I just told. I’m yelling at them ( “YES! That’s perfect!”) and gesturing wildly. 

We are all unicorns

⁠There was a time when I would have given anything to look like that composed woman who struts around; totally confident she is exactly where she belongs. But you know what? That’s just not me. I am my own kind of unicorn. A frizzy haired, live out loud kind of unicorn!  I laugh until my whole body shakes. I get loud when I’m excited. My curls get big in the humidity. No matter how well put together I am, there will always be a tell-tale sign that I’m actually a hot mess and I am totally O.K. with that. 

What kind of unicorn are you? Seriously, leave a comment because I’d love to know! ⁠

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