How To: Choose Your Wedding Photographer

The 3 Most Important Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Photographer: Budget, Style, and Personality

Listen, I know how stressful it is to plan a wedding. Between family, friends and my own clients, I’ve seen it all. Choosing flowers, outfits, music and venues can feel so overwhelming!  Lucky for you, I know a thing or two about weddings. 

Deciding on your wedding photographer is definitely an important choice. After all, your wedding photos are the only thing from the big day that will last a lifetime, so it’s kind of a big deal! Before choosing your wedding photographer, there are a few important things you need to consider.

The Budget: You Get What You Pay For

Having a budget will set the tone for your research. Take a look at several well reviewed wedding photographers in your area. Take note of what they offer (hours, access to digital images, prints, etc…) and how much they are charging. Once you have a good idea of the coverage you want for your wedding, you will be able to determine a reasonable budget. 

It is worth remembering that you get what you pay for. Things like insurance, gear upkeep, bookkeeping, legal services (for contracts), education, and design services cost money and are what set amateurs apart from professionals in this industry. Take this into consideration when vetting your top choices.  Be thorough. Ask questions, seek out reviews, investigate their social media. Make sure that you will be getting good value for your investment.

Decide On The Style…Then Choose A Photographer To Match

What style of wedding photography catches your eye? Bright and airy or dark and moody? Candid moments or well composed group shots? Every photographer has his or her own unique style. The options are endless. Once you know what style of photography you prefer, you can start to whittle down the list of wedding photographers accordingly. 

As you look for your photographer, it is important to know that photographers spend a long time finding their style and working it into their brand. If someone comes highly recommended to you and the price is right but you don’t visually like the way they shoot and edit, consider looking elsewhere. Your wedding is not the time for experimentation!

Make Sure You Vibe With Your Wedding Photographer

You will be with your photographer all day. Let me repeat: all day. They are with you before you dress and will follow you right out onto the dance floor at the end of the night. It is vitally important that you get along! 

Get to know them as much as possible before hiring them for your special day. Check out their social media accounts and websites. Most photographers spend a lot of time building their brands and showing their personalities on social media for this exact reason! Visit their “About Me” sections and see what they are all about. Read reviews to see how past clients enjoyed working with them. Do they talk about things that resonate with you? Do they sound like someone you’d like to have around on that day? If they stand up to your online investigation, it’s time to meet in person. Most photographers incorporate a free client consultation into the services exactly for this reason. Sit down and get to know each other. If it feels natural and easy, then it might be a great fit!

Do Your Research & Choose Wisely

The moral of the story?  Choosing a wedding photographer is a big deal, so take your time. Know what you want, know how much you can afford to invest, and find a photographer that ticks all the boxes. When you do, you can rest easy knowing that they will be working hard to capture memories that will make you smile for years to come. 

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