Copywriter: how to convert your ideal clients!

Being a copywriter that not only resonates with your ideal client but showcases your true self is really hard. You can have the best of intentions, but when you sit down to get the work done, it falls flat and feels sales-y. 

Most of the time, you people fall into one of four copywriting patterns:

The theisis copywriter

This copywriter leans to the formal side of things. It often sounds like they are handing a thesis into a prof. This writing is often full of nomenclature the client might not know and can be difficult for a customer to get through. It’s a little dry and usually, quite technical.

The "basic" copywriter

This copywriter tends to be a little bland. They give the bare minimum information needed and they usually use generic copy to get the point across as quickly as possible. A lot of people are in this category and that makes it way too easy to sound like everyone else out there.

The cute and casual copywriter

This copywriter sounds like they’re trying to date you. They keep things light and fluffy and often talk about how they love their sushi, with zero context as to why they’re telling you this. They like to keep things funny and fun.

The no-nonsense, to-the-point copywriter

This copywriter doesn’t like fluff. They get straight to the point and don’t hold back. They like to get to the point as quickly and bluntly as possible, which tends to be quite difficult. This is the rarest and most overlooked kind of copywriter.

What kind of copywriter are you?

 None of these are inherently bad forms of copywriters. What you need to know is how to leverage those habits into copy that sells and converts followers into clients and brand evangelists. Use your strengths to focus your copy into something your clients can identify with. Now, showing who you are is about more than just your copy skills. It’s also about the cohesiveness of your brand. Your images, colours, logo and values have to be consistent and clear to get your clients to come to you. By having those things, you’re going to build so much trust long before they even meet you and turn them into a loyal client before they actually buy from you.

Feeling overwhelmed? Consider outsourcing!

If all of this sounds much too overwhelming, consider hiring a virtual assistant or your own copywriter. Mine VA is a LIFESAVER! She does all of my SEO and website maintenance. I even teamed up with her to launch Boss Brand Builders. It’s an end-to-end web design & development, photography & design solutions to help your brand find its unique voice.

Whether you’re a hip new café looking to seduce Millennials or an ambitious artisanal label looking to upend an industry, we’ll help your brand forge that first impression to build that lasting connection with the masses, building a foundation for robust business growth.

Our unwavering focus on the customer ensures our approach remains practical, non-invasive, and helps you deliver unforgettable experiences for anyone who interacts with your brand.

Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer
Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer


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