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Your wedding will be photographed by me, Sophie Fortier! I take pride in photographing as many wed­dings as possible, so unless you are booking with an affiliate photographer under my brand, your wedding will be covered by me. If you choose to have a second shooter in your package, I have a small, trusted list of them that I pick from based on availability on your wedding date. You can trust that these photographers have a similar style and have done their homework on your wedding!


Don’t you worry! I have an affiliate photographer, Cori. She has been thoroughly trained to capture your wedding day the same way that I would. She is a bright and passionate soul who takes pride in her work. It’s exactly why I hired her to be my affiliate. I trust that she will give you the same care and attention that I would on your wedding day.

I do travel for weddings! Outside of Ottawa (30+ km) a travel fee is applied. I also service weddings throughout Canada with reasonable, negotiable travel rates! I have yet to work a destination wed­ding outside of the country but I am always open to new opportunities.


YES! I love photographing elopements and intimate weddings. They are a testament to what is often forgotten in larger weddings; the unity of two people coming together to share a life. Give me a small wedding any day of the year and I am happy!

I have two full frame Nikon DSLRs and one backup camera for weddings. They are: Z6, D700 and D7000. Lenses are chosen based on location but these are the ones I use most:

 16mm | 35mm |50mm | 85mm |105mm |

I have a flash and diffuser for indoor/reception shots and a reflector for various lighting scenarios. I also carry a detailed styling kit to capture your de­tails as beautifully as I can for a few minutes on your big day

Depending on your ceremony location, there are covered areas we can use for photographs. If your wedding is not in a location where this is permissi­ble, I do research and look for a rain friendly loca­tion close by long before the wedding comes. Of course, I give you options and you get to choose your favourite. Don’t forget, rain is a sign of good luck, so you can always embrace it! I love an ad­venturous couple. I have also been through any and every scenario you can think of, so don’t sweat it! I’ve got your back.

ABSOLUTELY! Love is love and I don’t believe this should even be an issue. I’ve had this question asked so many times and it just makes me sad that some photographers don’t. I will always be a safe space for couples, no matter their identity! Bring on the love!


My turnaround time is one month from your wed­ding day. One week after the wedding, you receive a link to a sneak peak blog post to share with friends and family that showcases the day’s high­lights.

You are under no obligation to order prints through us, with the purchase of your wedding package, the printing rights are included. Howev­er, I do not guarantee print quality if ordered else­where. Online and local print shops use low-quali­ty ink and paper, and don’t have the proper equip­ment to ensure your colours match what you see. For this reason, I recommend you print through me.


Typically, about a year in advance is a good rule of thumb. I always have a couple of dates available so never hesitate to ask if your date is free. Most sought-after wedding vendors book up 1-1.5 year in advance so take that into consideration when you’re planning your big day!

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