Mia + Nathan – Engagement

I could talk to you about how Mia and Nathan have experience in a kayak and how I got SO EXCITED to bring them to Dow’s Lake and shoot their engagement images there. I could tell you all about their pups (rescued of course) Nahla and Cali. I could talk about how sweet and full of laughter their relationship is.

But here’s the thing. The real MVP on that day was their friend, Dominique. She wrangled the overly exited dogs up and down the arboretum. They pulled and cut off the circulation to her hands when they spotted mom and dad in the water. She stood by patiently while her friends posed and laughed. All for the prospect of pizza. Listen, I’ll do a lot for pizza myself, but Dominique was a TROOPER.

The best thing about this job is that I get to hear ALL the proposal stories. They always make my heart melt, no matter how small, grand or cliche the gesture was. Nathan had decided to make a cheesecake for her birthday (I know, keeper right there right?) and he hid the ring in it! He made it a few days in advance so he had to make sure Mia didn’t eat it preemptively – which proved to be a difficult task. He caved in and cut her a small piece, knowing it was a piece without the ring.

Cue the birthday celebration. Her friends didn’t know, she didn’t suspect a thing. He cut her a thick piece of cheesecake and begged her to finish it when she couldn’t eat another bite. Finally, the ring came out and the proposal was a success, not to mention a total surprise!

They are getting married at Lago next summer and I cannot wait to see what their big day will look like! I, for one, hope there’s cheesecake!


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