Do You Need a Wedding Party? – Sara + Barrett

So you’re engaged and starting to work out the details of what you want your wedding to look like? I’ve got you! Most people find wedding planning pretty stressful at times, so I want to share my knowledge of the industry with you to help ease some of that worry! Today we are talking about a common question when it comes to weddings, do you need a wedding party?

Your day, your way!

First of all, I know all too well how intense the pressure of wedding planning can be. I see it all the time with my couples. I want to start by clearing the air and giving you full permission to do your wedding however the hell you want it. It is YOUR wedding, and you are in the driver’s seat. Wedding etiquette articles push a lot of “you must do this”, “you must do that”, but I promise to deliver this advice to you with no bullshit. So, let’s get into it!

Traditionally speaking, your wedding party is a group of friends and/or family that the couple chooses to help you with wedding-related tasks. Usually, this also includes planning bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, and engagement parties. There are a ton of positives to having a wedding party, they can be a really great support system. BUT, if you don’t want a wedding party, you absolutely do not need one. It’s not uncommon for couples to skip this formality altogether, and everyone has their own reasons.

Sara + Barrett’s Choice

I’m so excited to tell you about Sara and Barrett. I actually met Sara when we were both working in the corporate world, I was shooting commercial photography and she was the social media manager. Together, Sara and Barrett are one of the coolest couples! Barrett loves fishing, and Sara has started to share that passion. They regularly go on fishing and portage trips together. 

These two have a huge group of supportive friends who were SO excited to see them get married. Instead of opting for a large wedding party, they chose to not have one at all! They wanted everyone to feel included and important on their big day, and this was their way to show it. Their timeline was built around spending as much time as they possibly could with the people they adore! They did an adorable first look (just look at these photos!) so that they could maximize guest mingling and cocktail hour!

Perhaps the coolest part of the entire day was Sara walking herself down the aisle and Barrett meeting her halfway. I don’t know if there was a dry eye around! They are the perfect example of choosing to forgo traditional wedding norms and making the wedding of their dreams exactly what they wanted it to be.

Your permission slip

Here it is, your permission slip! This is your wedding and you are allowed to make it yours! Have a wedding party and have a select group of trusted friends to help guide you along the way, or kick it solo with just your boo and share the day with everyone! There isn’t a wrong answer.

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