Do You Need a Second Photographer? – Whitney + Devon

If you ever see the term “second photographer or shooter” written down and think “what the f$#k is that?”, you’re not alone! A lot of people get confused as to what a second photographer is, and if they need one or not for their wedding. I’m here to clear that up for you AND share a gorgeous wedding gallery with you!

What is a Second Photographer or Shooter?

A second shooter is exactly what it sounds like, a second photographer! A second shooter typically works under the photographer that you’ve hired to capture different angles and be in different places at the same time. For example, if your primary photographer is working with the first partner getting ready, the second shooter will usually go and take photos of the second partner getting ready. 

Most online blogs and articles have differing opinions on the second photographer, some say “you NEED to have two photographers!” while others say “it’s a waste of time and money, you can skip it!”. My golden rule is that it totally depends on your wedding timeline. If you have a lot of things to capture and a busy day ahead, having a second photographer can alleviate stress for both the primary photographer and the couple!

A second photographer is like a body double for your primary photographer, they take images at different angles/times, and your primary photographer will edit them so that all of your photos look cohesive and beautiful! 

Whitney + Devon’s Wedding

I worked this wedding as a second photographer for one of my industry besties, Leesa! She’s an absolute gem of a person and you should check out her work (linked below). Since Leesa was the primary photographer, I followed her lead and captured different angles and creative shots while she focused on getting “the safe shot” for her beautiful couple!

Whitney and Devon met and fell in love while working at Leon’s. They worked at different locations but she would call the other location to talk to Devon all the time. They’ve been together for eight years now and there were a lot of “finally” comments and jokes all day long!

The day flowed beautifully!  The boys panicked when seeing their boutonnieres (as they always do) because no one knew how to pin one on. While Leesa kept working with the girls, I hopped in and pinned them on minutes before the ceremony. Devon was SO excited to see Whitney in her dress, you could see his smile from a mile away! Whitney was nervous before she started walking, but as soon as she spotted Devon at the altar waiting for her, you saw the tension leave her shoulders.

A Day to Remember

Wedding days always pass by so quickly, but this one did not have a shortage of magic moments. They had a guitarist play beautifully during the ceremony, Whitney and her ladies looked AMAZING, and their entire wedding was filled with so much love. The couple opted out of clinking glasses (most venues try to avoid this now to prevent any glasses from breaking) and went with a kissing wheel instead. The guests loved spinning the wheel to get the couple to smooch! 

Their dance floor was bumpin’!  They had a great mix of classic oldies rock, 90s jams, and current hits. It had everyone moving! Their guests enjoyed the open bar (responsibly) and Leesa and I even did a shot of tequila with the couple at the end of the night!

Venue: Strathmere | Shot for: LW Imaging | Florist: Mood Moss Flowers | Cake: Sweet and Rich Desserts | Cookies: Batterup Bakery | Wedding Dress: Runway Bridal | Bride’s Hair: Serendipity Stylings | Bridesmaids Hair: Emma’s Hairstyling | Makeup: Eva Rose MUA | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal | Suits: Moores | Rings: James Allen Rings | DJ: Quality Entertainment Services | Officiant: All Seasons Weddings


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