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I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe and China while I was in high school. I fell in love with the European lifestyle and rich cultures that exist all over the world. I would LOVE to be able to photograph weddings in unique places and experience some amazing cultures in the process. So naturally, I have a long list of places I want to travel to and photograph destination weddings.


I went to Italy on one of my highschool trips. We visited Venice and Verona, the city of star crossed lovers. What I’d love to see of Italy is Florence and Sisili! The coastline and beautiful mountain cities catch my heart anytime I stumble across images of them and my mind goes straight to a luxurious white dress and navy suit. Elegant, soft florals would compliment the background of the city and I would be able to tell my couple to run, hand in hand, along the small streets. 


While Paris would be romantic, my heart is more drawn to Marseilles and Monaco when it comes to visiting this beautiful country. Rich architecture and pale stones with a stunning coast – yeah, I could see that. A bold gown and black suit to contrast against it all with a couple so madly in love, they can barely keep their hands off of each other. Yeah, that’s a definitely a dream for me. 


I have a close friend who is from this stunning country. The small towns and stunning beaches pull of my heart like a violin. Wild coastlines with dark rocks to contrast the vivid blue and greens of the land. A delicate, light gown paired with a light grey suit with a couple who is just as wild as the rough waters. The images of bold florals and delicate jewelry are popping into mind when I think if this destination wedding. 


I visited Lucerne in highschool and fell in love. Valleys with incredible mountain views and others rich with farming. Rich greens and electric blues of the countryside would mingle with the old, carved city so close to it, yet so different. The river snakes through the city in a lazy slow wave. I picture a higher fashion feel wedding – Tuxedo with designer gown that’s a little edgy. I imagine the swans from the Reuss behind them in harsh sun – think high noon with intense shadows. 


I have a cousin who lives in Spain, she is in Malaga. I’ve seen images and hear all about the city – I just know that I would love it. Rich tones and amazing food, I know the coastline city would steal my entire heart. I picture a boho wedding with a cape or tassels and a neutral hat with a unique suit – maybe floral? A relaxed couple who just want to get married so they can travel the world. Likely something close to an intimate wedding or elopement for this destination.

Yes, travel is definitely something I want to do more of and a bonus would be to shoot destination weddings in all these beautiful locations. For now, I will continue to dream all about these imaginary weddings until they actually happen! 






There are days where I want to give up. Days that I come home from my 9-5 as a product photographer, look at my endless to-do list and I want to quit. I wonder if it's worth it. ⁠Wouldn't it be so much easier to just live off of my 9-5? Not worry about taxes, income, expenses? Not think about the bottom line and how to push my brand above and beyond? To forget that I should invest in my education, the client experience or a website?⁠ At that point, I usually come across a couple who reminds me why I do this. Why I spend all of my free time working and stressing about those things. ⁠ I am reminded that I have something to give to this industry - reassurance to couples. Beautiful photography with an experience that focuses on their relationship. I am reminded that someone trusted me enough to hire me for their wedding photography and that humbles me more than any kind of money someone could throw my way. ⁠ I remember that I get to experience this one of a kind day with people who love each other to the moon and back. I get to be the person who captures their memories their look back on when they're old and wrinkly. ⁠ I get to be a part of their story, and that is why I do what I do. ⁠ ⁠ Wedding & Styled Shoot Planning - @intuitiveevents⁠ Photography - @sophiefortierphoto⁠ Venue - @equitaranch⁠ Videography - @greyloftvideo ⁠ Decor - @celebr8decor⁠ Ceremony Officiant - @thehitchdoctor⁠ Makeup - @prettylittleyoumakeup⁠ Hair - @emmahairstyling⁠ Florals - @plentyofprettyottawa⁠ Cake - @sweetmedesserts⁠ Stationery - @hashtagpaper⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @ottawaweddingvendors⁠ #OttawaWeddingPhotographer #OttawaWeddingVendors #SFBrides #OttawaPhotographer #ElopementPhotographer #RomancePhotographer #SophieFortierPhotography #OttawaElopementPhotographer #OttawaElopement #LetsElopeOttawa #RomanticWeddingPhotographer #ExperienceOverArt #OttawaEntrepreneur #SuportLocal #SupportLocalOttawa #SmallButMighty #SmallBusiness #CantleyWedding #QuebecWeddings #QuebecWeddingPhotographer #HandM #Elope #JustEloped #ottawawedding #justmarried #weddinginspiration #stylemepretty #theknot #ottawaphotographer #ottawaweddings



Can I level with you?⁠ I wasn't always comfortable in my skin. I had major self esteem and image issues up until i was about 18. I was bullied about my weight for most of my life and I never believed I was enough for this world. Not pretty enough, not fun enough, not wild enough, not interesting enough, not skinny enough. ⁠ It got to a point where I decided I didn't want to live my life with such a negative outlook. So I said FUCK it. You don't like me? Don't talk to me. It was so simple and I was unleashed. I started wearing what I liked, doing what I wanted with my life and talking about the things that i loved. ⁠ Don't get me wrong, that process took a solid 4 year of work on rewiring my brain. But by the time, I was 18, I had gotten myself where I needed to be. ⁠ So if you see me strutting down the street, know what I 100% don't give a shit what you think and n part of me is worried about what your opinion is. I am happy and that is all that matters.⁠ ⁠ #OttawaWeddingPhotographer #OttawaWeddingVendors #SFBrides #OttawaPhotographer #ElopementPhotographer #RomancePhotographer #SophieFortierPhotography #OttawaElopementPhotographer #OttawaElopement #LetsElopeOttawa #RomanticWeddingPhotographer #ExperienceOverArt #OttawaBrandingPhotographer #OttawaBranding #BrandingPhotographer #BrandPhotography #BrandBuilding #ProductPhotography #OttawaProductPhotographer #Ottawa #OttawaSmallBusiness #BossBabe #Entrepreneur #OttawaEntrepreneur #SuportLocal #SupportLocalOttawa #SmallButMighty #SmallBusiness



SURPRISE GROUP HUG! ⁠ Some of my favourite prompts for weddings and bridal parties are super simple. It gets awesome results and makes couples feel so loved. ⁠ Prompts are used to evoke emotion in photos and among many silly ones, I've got some sweet, intimate ones the remind you that you JUST MARRIED YOUR BEST FRIEND. ⁠ It's all about keeping you busy and comfortable in front of the camera. ⁠ Photographer - @lwimaging⁠ Venue - @alton.mill⁠ Dress - @sindersbridalhouse⁠ Suit/Kilt - @weetartanshop⁠ Shawls - @fergusscottishshop⁠ Florals -⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @ottawaweddingvendors⁠ #OttawaWeddingPhotographer #OttawaWeddingVendors #SFBrides #OttawaPhotographer #ElopementPhotographer #RomancePhotographer #SophieFortierPhotography #OttawaElopementPhotographer #OttawaElopement #LetsElopeOttawa #RomanticWeddingPhotographer #ExperienceOverArt #OrangevilleWedding #AltonMillWedding #TorontoWedding #TorontoWeddingPhotographer #SindersBride #LWImaging #TorontoBride #TO #Toronto #TorontoPhotographer #TorontoWeddings #OntarioWedding #OntarioBusiness #OntarioSmallBusiness #ScottishWedding #MenInKilts #KiltWedding



Chalked by Mabz⁠ Mabz is the most down to earth, genuine person I’ve ever met. She studied fine arts at Ottawa U and moved from her small northern town when she fell in love with the capital. With a healthy obsession for Leo Decaprio, the mouth of a sailor and a passion for all the pretty floral designs, it’s no wonder we get along so well. She also started the #BloodyPrick movement which is all about donating blood in Canada. If you want a refreshing, potty mouthed person to follow, go check out her insta. @chalkedbymabz⁠ ⁠ Wedding Planner -⁠ Dress - @sindersbridalhouse⁠ Suit - @mooresclothing⁠ Decor + Rentals - @priorengagementsarnprior⁠ @rebeltentsinc⁠ Florals -⁠ MUA - @ericawrightmua⁠ Hair - @lesgettogetha⁠ Band - Hillbilly Deluxe⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @ottawaweddingvendors⁠ #OttawaWeddingPhotographer #OttawaWeddingVendors #SFBrides #OttawaPhotographer #ElopementPhotographer #RomancePhotographer #SophieFortierPhotography #OttawaElopementPhotographer #OttawaElopement #LetsElopeOttawa #RomanticWeddingPhotographer #ExperienceOverArt #OttawaBrandingPhotographer #OttawaBranding # BrandingPhotographer #CareltonPlace #CareltonPlaceWedding #CareltonPlacPhotographer #OutdoorWedding #SindersBridalHouse #VintageWedding #CPWedding #CPWeddingPhotographer #CountryWedding #BackyardWedding #FridEvents #FallWedding #CanadaFallWedding #NikonCanada #EssenceOfAustralia



I want to make something very clear - I want you to have the best possible wedding experience. ⁠ If we meet, and you don't think I would be a good fit, that is 100% okay! I and not everyone's cup of tea and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your photographer. We spend more time with you than your spouse, so we should be able to get along! ⁠ My hope is that you feel like a friend is with you all day, a friend who just so happens to have a camera in hand to capture all the good things about your wedding. ⁠ If that's not me, I am more than happy to help you find someone reputable to fit the bill. I have heard so many horror stories from couples and I never want that to happen to anyone, so let me help you see the warning signs and find someone who is legitimate. ⁠ ⁠ Photography - @sophiefortierphoto⁠ Venue - @cumberlandbelle⁠ Dress - @revellebridal⁠ Cake - @ediblesins⁠ Hair - @steviebleach from @itsjacquiek⁠ MUA - Jacquie from @itsjacquiek⁠ Stationery - @wishtree_invites⁠ Florals - @capitalfloristott⁠ Models - @f.lo.xo ⁠+ Kevin⁠ ⁠ @Ottawaweddingvendors⁠ ⁠ #Ottawa #CumberlandBelle #OttawaWeddingVenue #RevelleBride #CumberlandWedding #CumberlandPhotographer #2020Wedding #StyledWedding #SpringWedding #CanadianWedding #CanadianWeddingInspo #OttawaWeddingPhotographer #OttawaWeddingVendors #OttawaPhotographer #ElopementPhotographer #RomancePhotographer #SophieFortierPhotography #OttawaElopementPhotographer #OttawaElopement #LetsElopeOttawa #TorontoWedding #TorontoWeddingPhotographer #TorontoBride #TO #Toronto #TorontoPhotographer #TorontoWeddings #OntarioWedding #OntarioBusiness #OntarioSmallBusiness

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