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Cada Dia Tequila- the story

Sandeep and Riti started Cada Dia Tequila with one goal in mind: to embrace the good in each and every day. With their busy lives as working parents, balance is definitely something they strive for. Their rich and smooth tequila is the perfect reflection of that. “Cada Dia” is Spanish for every day and they chose that name for their brand because it’s the manifestation of their values.  While their product is exceptionally delicious, they live their lives by that motto and it shows. 

"Crafted for the celebration of life, cada día translates the enjoyment of living life to the fullest, and all of the exceptional experiences that entails, into a premium sipping tequila."

Sandeep + Riti

How they enjoy it

The couple certainly have a passion for tequila, and it shows when you speak to them and follow their story. 

There is a particular technique to sip tequila this good though. No more shooting the cheap stuff; Cada Dia Tequila is meant to savour and cherish. Through Meistro Tequilaros (I know, fancy right?!), i Mexico, they learned all about how to sip tequila the right way.

They gave an instructional tutorial on their Instagram a while back, but for those of you who want to level up their tequila experience, let me break it down for you.

  1. STOP putting your nose in the glass and taking a big whiff. This is 40% alcohol and the vapours escape up – they don’t smell good.
  2. Tilt the glass ~45º to allow the vapours to escape from the top while you enjoy the smell of the actual tequila from the bottom of the glass.
  3. Don’t inhale when you sip – again, those vapours are going to mess with you and affect the taste.
  4. Take a sip
  5. Once you swallow, exhale through your mouth.  This allows all the beautiful flavours of Cada Dia Tequila to really hit your palette. 

Sandeep and Riti have their own drinking preferences though, as you can see in the images here. Sandeep likes his Cada Dia Tequila neat, in a rocks glass with a couple of ounces.  Riti loves her tequila on the rocks, specifically, a LARGE ice cube.

"A result of passion, authenticity, and the joy of life, we make the most out of every moment."

Sandeep + Riti

Where you can buy Cada Dia Tequila!

Cada Dia Tequila isa brand that’s local to Ottawa. While they aren’t in the LCBO yet, you can order from Sandeep and Riti Directly through their website here or by sending them a DM on Instagram

They have sipping kits available for purchase, which make a great gift for anyone in your life who loved tequila! The kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of Cada Dia Tequila
  • 1 large square square ice cube tray
  • 2 sipping glasses
Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer
Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer
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Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer
Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer
Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer
Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer
Cada Dia - Ottawa Branding Photographer

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