Eryn + Alex – Engagement Session

Wedding plans turn into engagement session

Eryn and Alex had to adjust their wedding plans for a few reasons. Restrictions, venue details and safety of their loved ones were on their list. They wanted to celebrate surrounded by friends and family, and that was something they were not willing to compromise. Because of this, they had to postpone their wedding. So, they decided to book their engagement session on their original wedding date.

Ottawa Engagement Photographer
Ottawa Engagement Photographer
Ottawa Engagement Photographer
Ottawa Engagement Photographer

Choosing Positivity

Like many of my couples, these two chose to see the bright side of things. Eryn started a new job during the pandemic and I’ve been following along her journey through Instagram. 

I think my favourite thing about this engagement session at the Dominion Arboretum was being able to watch as I challenged Alex to make Eryn laugh as many ways as possible. He dove headfirst into every prompt I gave them and it made my heart so happy. 

They have a few secrets up their sleeve, but I won’t divulge them here. It’s safe to say that you’ll hear all about them at their wedding… which has been moved to 2022. So, good luck remembering that I’m keeping information from you. 

Their wedding is going to be beautiful and magical. It’s being held at The Herb Garden. I know that Katey –  The Herb Garden owner – will take the utmost care of them and I have zero doubts that it’s going to be perfection (if you’re a Friends fan, please understand this Chandler Bing reference). 2020 couples are something else. They are resilient like no other and  I cannot wait to celebrate with them when the time comes. Eryn + Alex, please know that I will be crying so hard at your wedding – don’t mind me in the corner of the room weeping behind my camera the entire night.

Celebrating their wedding date with an engagement photoshoot, some good food and a whole lot of laughs was a pretty good way to spend the day, if I do say so myself. 


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