The Top 5 Questions Your Wedding Florist Needs You To Answer To Make Your Wedding Day Dreams Come True

When you start planning your wedding day, flowers are right up there on your “Must Have” list. Your florals can make or break your wedding decor. If you are like most couples, you will want a beautiful bouquet for the bride, centrepieces for your tables, and a little something special for any bridesmaids or groomsmen. If you are going for the WOW factor, you may also want an archway or floral installation! The sky’s the limit when you are working with a top notch wedding florist. There are so many choices when it comes to wedding flowers that it can feel overwhelming.

Lucky for you, I spoke to Stoneblossom Floral Gallery They broke down the Top 5 Questions Your Wedding Florist Needs You To Answer to get you started!

Money, Honey! What’s Your Budget?

Do your research. Once you have an idea of the types of flowers you want, get quotes from reputable local wedding florists. Like we said, the sky’s the limit when it comes to flowers for your wedding but the bigger and more exotic you go, the more money you will need to spend. Set a realistic budget for your wedding. The florists at Stoneblossom Floral couldn’t stress this enough!

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Colours, Shapes, And Sizes.  What’s Your Vision?

When you meet with your florist, break down your vision for them. They are the experts!  Once they know the look you are hoping to achieve and the budget you are working with, they will be able to offer suggestions. If you are working with a fixed budget, it is important to be flexible. Don’t get hung up on details. Instead, focus on the big picture and put a little faith in your florist!

Spill It! What Are The Wedding Day Details?

Your florist is going to need some basic information before they can start planning your beautiful florals. You don’t want your flowers to clash with the colours in the venue, right? Some important details to have ready for your wedding florist include: 

  • The venue
  • Your dress/suit
  • The date
  • Your wedding party’s outfits
  • Your colours

What’s Your Timeline?

So, when should you book your wedding florist? Booking a florist is not a last minute thing. Start looking for your florist as far ahead of time as possible. Schedule an appointment with them and recognize that there are a few times a year (basically any major holiday) that florists are way too busy to have wedding consults. Whatever you do, don’t just drop in and expect them to have time to chat about all the wedding details with you. You are likely to be disappointed.

Let Your Florist Work With You To Make Your Wedding Day Dreams Come True. 

Your florist wants to help you create something special for your wedding day. Answer their questions, be clear about your vision and budget,  and then let them get creative! You may be surprised by what they are able to create for you. 


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