3 Reasons Why Your Wedding Photographer Needs You To Consider Light When You Plan Your Wedding

For wedding photographers, lighting is often at the heart of a great photo. Too much or too little and your wedding photographer can have a tough time capturing images that really shine! So, what can you do to help your photographer out? Simple. Think about these three common lighting issues while planning your wedding. 

Lighting Can Make Or Break Your Photos

Unless you are specifically working with your photographer to create a dark and moody atmosphere, having access to natural light is very important. Not having any natural light will force your photographer into a tricky situation. Not every photographer works with lighting kits or flash! It may not be their style. So, if there is little or no natural light, the photos will be a lower quality and may need a lot of editing. Think about what photos are most important to you. For example, if you are really keen to have photos of you and your bridal party getting dressed, make sure to choose a room that has windows!

Not all light is created equal!

Generally, wedding photographers love as much natural light as they can get. However, the quality of the light changes throughout the day. Ideally, important moments like your ceremony will take place in the late afternoon when the light is soft. Too close to the midday sun and everyone will be squinting. The harsh midday sun can also create some very unflattering shadows! For the same reasons, if you are having an outdoor ceremony, location matters. If possible, orient the ceremony so that the sun is behind the ceremony area. Better yet, choose a shaded location for an even light and the comfort of your guests.

What If There Is Little Or No Natural Light?

If your venue doesn’t have access to natural light or your reception will be happening later at night, don’t panic. Here are some great tips for you to help make it work. 

  1. Watch the way the sun moves at your venue. This means visiting your venue at different times of the day and taking notes. 
  2. Avoid using pot-lights. The top down lighting is really harsh and difficult to work with. If that is all your venue has, consider hiring a lighting designer. They will have alternative lighting solutions to make your wedding as romantic and perfectly lit as possible. 
  3. Talk to your wedding photographer. Make sure they know what lighting they have to work with. If they are experienced, they may have worked in that space before. Your Wedding photographer usually has a few tricks up their sleeves!

BONUS: Sparkle And Shine

Sparklers are a really fun addition to any wedding! They can also help to create some very memorable photos. If you’re planning on bringing a little extra sparkle to your ceremony or reception, go big. Choose sparklers that burn long and bright! You’ll want to use them later in the night, which means they’ll be the main light source for the shot. Give your photographer and your guests some time to have fun with them! 

Light It Up!

When it comes to planning for your special day, give a thought to the light. Access to natural light, timing, and location will greatly affect the outcome of your images. Talk to your wedding photographer. You hired them because you love what they do, right? Use your photographer as a resource. Tell them about your goals for the day and for the photos. They will have suggestions to help make sure your wedding is lit! (See what I did there?) 


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